About Solful Roots


Meet the Founder

Hi! I'm Steph and I have always been an advocate for natural and organic health products. My health journey began when I was in high school. I was playing field hockey and tennis in school, but I was also running and going to the gym in my free time. I always felt better and full of energy after exercising, eating clean, and drinking lots of water. I continued this healthy path all through college and then for some reason, probably work haha, I simply just stopped working out as much, and eating right.
When I found out I was pregnant in September 2020, I knew I wanted and needed to get back into a healthier lifestyle, NO MORE EXCUSES. 
As I got ready for the arrival of my baby boy, I knew right away that I wanted him to use the healthiest and most pure products and foods out there. I knew I also needed to clean my own system and this is what sparked Gypsy's Basket (now known as Solful Roots). I began my journey experimenting with loose leaf teas since coffee was just making me sleepy and groggy. I wanted to feel my best while pregnant and postpartum and my herbs and teas have definitely helped!
I want to show others, men and women, that beginning or jumping back on a healthier journey is possible no matter at what stage in your life you are in. It's all about making that conscious decision to want to. I want my products to spark consistency and a routine so that you can maintain this wellness journey. As we expand, I will make sure to keep in mind that our products should remain useful and easily incorporated into your everyday lives!

About Solful Roots

On May 17th, 2021 my beautiful baby boy, Locke, was born. I quickly realized how important my personal wellness was so I could care for him, and myself, in the best ways possible. I dove into learning about natural remedies to combat the everyday mental stress, and physical toll that came with being a new parent. I discovered herbs and teas that made life easier, whether it was stress, fatigue from those sleepless nights, anxiety or even physically aching, there were remedies for all! Recovering quickly from giving birth would not have been possible without the help of these holistic methods. 

Sure, there are tons of "quick fixes" offered through the pharmaceutical route but I love keeping it natural. To me, drinking a warm, cozy tea is much more enjoyable than popping a mysterious pill. I believe in a safe, healthy, and natural ways of achieving wellness, which is what I would love to pass on to my son as he continues to grow.

Even if you're not a parent, but instead a student, an athlete or a regular "go getter", we all want quick and easy ways to feel our best. That is why I want to educate, simplify and provide accessible recipes and instructions to help you use our herbs and teas. I want Solful Roots to be a part of your daily routine and be there for you during your journey to wellness!!