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Solful Roots

Moroccan Mint Green Tea

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1 oz, makes about 20-21 servings
1 tsp per serving
Origin: United States
Dosage: 1 tsp per 8 oz of water
A blend of Organic Green Tea and fragrant organic peppermint are combined to create a crisp, minty, aromatic, and brightly flavorful cup of tea. This loose leaf Moroccan Mint Tea is traditionally served in small glasses with a sprig of fresh mint and a touch of sugar. It is delicious and refreshing hot or iced!
Ingredients: Organic Gunpowder Green Tea* and organic peppermint leaf*. *Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA.

Potential Benefits

  • May help ease respiratory problems
  • May aid heart health and immune system
  • May help with digestive problems
  • May soothe and calm your nerves
  • Good for a better night’s sleep and better breath!


 Processed, packaged and quality tested in California, USA.

Kosher Certified.