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Solful Roots

Rooibos Tea

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1 oz, makes about 19 servings
1 tsp per serving 
Aspalathus Linearis
Origin: South Africa
Dosage: 1½ tsp per 8 oz. of water
Rooibos is an evergreen shrub native to South Africa, related to the pea family. The leaves undergo an oxidation process, and this process produces the distinctive reddish-brown color of rooibos, and enhances the flavor. It has a natural sweetness, with an earthy and rich flavor. It tastes great both hot and as an iced tea. Caffeine-Free.

Potential Benefits

  • May aid weight loss
  • May improve appearance of skin
  • May alleviate pain and allergies
  • May help build strong bones
  • May streamline digestion
  • May help control or prevent diabetes
  • May support heart health


Processed, packaged and quality tested in California, USA.

Kosher Certified.